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STEP – Bond Global Capital


At Bond Global Capital, we understand that managing a development project can be a complex task, especially when it comes to securing the necessary funds. That’s why we’ve introduced STEP (Short Term Equity Partner) to simplify and expedite the financing process.

What is STEP?

STEP is a specialized financing solution designed to provide rapid capital injection into your development project, eliminating the traditional hassles associated with project lending criteria. We can offer funds within just 5 business days (subject to approval), ensuring that your project can move forward without unnecessary delays.

Key Features of STEP:

Our journey began with a visionary mission, driven by decades of collective experience in global investment banks. Our founders shared a simple yet profound vision – to establish an environment characterized by enterprise, optimism, and partnership.

Fast Credit Approval:

Enjoy the convenience of receiving credit approval within 24 hours, allowing you to make quick decisions.

Streamlined Process

Requires minimal documentation, and our experienced credit team uses a common-sense approach to evaluate your eligibility.

Rapid Settlement

Upon approval, funds can be settled in as little as 5 business days, helping you meet project deadlines with ease.

No Hidden Fees

With STEP, you won't encounter any establishment fees, line fees, or broker fees, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Flexible Terms

You can choose a repayment term of up to 12 months that suits your project's needs, giving you flexibility in managing your finances.

No Funding Limits

Whether you need a small injection or a substantial amount of capital, there are no minimum or maximum funding limits with STEP.