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Capital – Bond Global Capital



  • Loan size between $1m – $150m
  • Term between 12 months – 26 months
  • Tranches to suit borrower needs
  • Typically senior secured

Investment Focus

We explore a broad range of private debt opportunities, looking through to investment fundamentals, and adopting a commercial perspective to understand the specifics of the businesses and loan books.

  • Industry agnostic
  • High-quality management teams and sponsors
  • Track record of profitability and/or clear near-term potential for profitable growth
  • Evidence of business resilience and competitive barriers
  • Targeted loan sizes are typically between $10m and $50m, with the ability to explore larger positions, leveraging our co-investor base and partnerships
  • Preference for senior secured positions, but able to consider mezzanine financing in some lending situations, such as a warehouse facility for financial services lending businesses, or large cap leveraged sponsor finance

Bond Global is a specialist property investor and financier, with a proven track record of providing financing solutions for property owners and developers, and investment opportunities for co-investors.

Bond Global Value Proposition

Our journey began with a visionary mission, driven by decades of collective experience in global investment banks. Our founders shared a simple yet profound vision – to establish an environment characterized by enterprise, optimism, and partnership.

Established Origination Networks

Well-connected networks for sourcing diverse investment opportunities.

Thorough Underwriting & Due Diligence

Rigorous analysis ensures sound investment decisions and risk mitigation.

Reputation for Flexibility & Delivery

Known for adaptability and consistently meeting commitments.

Deeply Experienced Team

A wealth of industry knowledge and expertise within our team.

Pipeline of Quality Assets

Steady flow of high-value investment opportunities.

Active Management

Vigilant oversight to optimize investments and ensure success.